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That special day is approaching and you, as the Bride, Groom, Mother, Father, Best Man, Maid of honor or just concerned relative are frantically attending to dozens, if not hundreds of details.  You have precious little time to deal with the photographer and we appreciate that as much as you do, having been both married and photographer at weddings.  

We think you shouldn't have to "deal" with him.  He or she should be out of the way and get the shots without interrupting the proceedings or requiring modification of them in any way.  We want to be your shadow, not a brick wall in the way of progress.  We will quietly and smoothly get where we need to do with a minimum of interface and yet, will include you in the decisions of what images will be important to you and how you want your ceremony and reception to presented.

One  tool that is available to you to lessen the stress involved in planning your wedding photographic experience is to schedule a free consultation to discuss all your requirements.  


Engagement Photos

We will be glad to sit down with you as soon as you decide engagement photos are needed and plan a shoot that focuses on your personalities.  The engagement will key in on the story that you want to tell about yourselves. The resulting photos will preserve the people that you are for as long as you have them.  Let's get started planning  this vital step, now.


Pre-wedding considerations

With us, the wedding actually starts the day before the ceremony when we attempt to get as much information as possible to assist us in planning your shot list.  We would love to meet with you at the church or other site of the ceremony so we can plan where we will be able to get the best shots.  We'll go over your guest list and see whom you would like in the various formals.  

We will make suggestions from our previous experiences that might suggest shots that don't occur to you.  At the same time, you will give us ideas for shots that we haven't done before that will probably wind up in our arsenal for future shoots.

We will take away from this consultation a firm idea of how we want to shoot the wedding to best record, as artistically as possible, the beauty of the day and leave you with a collection of remembrances that will be with you for a lifetime.


The day has arrived

On the day of the wedding, we will arrive at the site of the reception before anyone else so we can set up any lighting necessary and plan any shots specific to the reception.  We will get the "lay of the land" and prepare as much as we can.  During this period, the bride is probably having her hair and makeup done.  We would love an opportunity to slip in and get artistic/artistic photographs of this facet of the wedding.  It only happens once, but you'll want to see it forever.  These special moments make for some rather moving photos that will make your Borrowed Light Images stand out from others you've seen.

As the ceremony approaches, we will move into high gear, arriving at the ceremony in time to record the guests arriving in candid photographs without disturbing them.  We will  place ourselves as we've predetermined we should be placed in order to get the best captures of the crucial milestones ("I do's", exchanging rings, first kiss, etc.).  We'll move quietly and smoothly from one location to another and let the ceremony proceed at its own pace, always mindful of our responsibility to get the shots that you want in your wedding portfolio and knowing who is most important on this special day.

After the ceremony, we will take the formal shots with whomever you've designated as your preferred subjects at whatever location we've predetermined is the right place and time.  We will then get to the reception and capture all those special moments that make this celebration more than just a party.

During the early parts of the reception, we will prepare a slide show of the pre-ceremony and ceremony images captured up to that point.  This show can run all during the reception from one of our projectors coupled to a laptop so guests can re-live the special moments during the reception.  If you like, we can record this slide show to a CD so you can replay it anytime you like or send it to friends or family who weren't able to attend.

By the end of the day, you will be exhausted and so will we, but we will have a feeling of having made that special day one that will last forever in photographs.


Post-wedding considerations

After the wedding, you'll be starting to get anxious to see those cherished images that you've already seen on the slide show, so we won't make you wait an extra minute.  We'll begin processing the images into proofs that will be posted on a private, password-protected web page so you and all your loved ones can visit and order prints.  In addition to individual prints, there will be wedding packages, of course, enabling significant savings.

If you want, we can even get email addresses at the reception and notify all your guests of the availability of the proofs.  We would, of course, protect the privacy of the information gathered.

We will keep your photos online for one year from the date of the ceremony.  When the time comes for us to take them down, we will give you a month's notice, in case there are still some straggling relatives who just haven't gotten around to ordering their prints.  After they come down, you can still order, but you will have to order from the disc of proofs and send us an email with the file number and what you would like to have printed.